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Curriculum Committee

Leann Lesperance, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

Committee Support:
Susan Anderson
Administrative Director of Undergraduate Medical Education
Setnor Academic Building, Suite 4508


  1. Discharge the integrated institutional responsibility for the overall design, management, evaluation, and central oversight of a coherent, efficient, coordinated curriculum, including curriculum coordination, development, objectives, content and methods of evaluation.
  2. Define the Objectives of the Educational Program for the MD degree.
  3. Develop and implement policies regarding the amount of time medical students spend in required activities, including contact hours and time in clinical clerkships rotations.
  4. Determine the types of patients, clinical conditions, and appropriate clinical setting for education experiences, along with expected level of medical student responsibility.
  5. Regularly evaluate and when necessary, modify the curriculum, student experiences, and methods of student assessment to ensure that the objectives of each student and course, as well as the overall medical education program, are achieved.
  6. Maintain and circulate minutes to Department Chairs and the Medical College Assembly, and implement methods that invite input from all faculty on the curriculum, draft policies, and actions of the Curriculum Committee.
  7. Develop, monitor, and disseminate information on professional attributes that students are expected to develop.
  8. Maintain compliance with LCME standards.