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Voice Follow-Up Phone Calls

Patients from approved units who are discharged to home from Upstate University Hospital will receive an automated follow-up phone call 48 hours after leaving the hospital. These calls assess the status of the patients' health and their understanding and compliance with their discharge instructions.

Their responses to this call are recorded, so that members of our team can follow-up with the patients who have questions or health issues. It is important that the patients are aware that they will be receiving this automated, follow-up call, and that they understand that importance of answering the questions on the call, so that we can be sure that they are recovering well.

Here's what you need to know about the VOICE call:

  1. The call is automated: the patient or the person responding to the call is instructed to press the corresponding number on their phone keypad to respond to each question. THe call should take 3-5 minutes to complete.
  2. The inpatient call has clinical and non-clinical questions. The questions on the call and the dedicated follow-up resources are:
    • Patient's General Status - Triage and Transfer Center Nurses
    • Discharge Instructions - Triage and Transfer Center Nurses
    • Medications - Triage and Transfer Center Nurses
    • Follow-up Appointments - Upstate Connect - MD Direct
    • My Chart - Upstate Connect - MD Direct
    • Preparedness for Discharge - Triage and Transfer Center Nurses
  3. If any or all of the patients' responses indicate the need for more thorough follow-up, the follow-up will be assigned to the appropriate staff member
  4. The appropriate team member will sign onto the Evolve website, where he/she will be able to review the patients' information as wel as their responses to the automated calls. He/she will then complete the live call and note the patients' feedback on evolve.cipherhealth.com
  • Patients' knowledge about the "Voice Call" leads to better reach rates and better outcomes
  • Remember to use the education flyer at time of discharge