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Upstate Triage and Transfer Center

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The Upstate Triage Transfer Center (UTTC), is a nurse staffed, tele-health call center, embedded in Upstate University Hospital. The department has 20+ staff nurses with diverse backgrounds including extensive knowledge, education and experience. We are fielding just over 14 calls an hour or 10,000+ calls a month.

The UTTC Nurses provide many community focused services in the department. We know that the services that we provide, are important to upholding the mission and core values of the hospital. As members of the Nursing Department at Upstate University Hospital, we look forward to the growth, development and initiatives that improve the quality of care provided by our department.

Responsibilities of the Upstate Triage and Transfer Department

Triage - 20+ contracts for after hours nurse triage. We are contracted with physician office groups as well as the developmental disabled group homes throughout 46 of 62 counties in New York State (NYS).

Upstate Connect - A hospital initiative that provides access to an Upstate Nurse 24 hours a day. Any patient that has a health information question, needs a physician referral or needs to have an injury or illness triaged can use our local or toll free number to reach an Upstate Nurse at any time. This initiative provides access to health care 24 hours a day. When you call Upstate Connect, the automated recording will prompt you to chose a number to direct you to the correct individual. To access a nurse you just need to push a three (3).

Tele-Caring - A nurse led telephone follow-up phone call to patients that are over the age of 65 and have been seen in one of our adult emergency rooms (ED), that are discharged home with a heart failure diagnosis in their problem list. This program is in an effort to reduce re-admissions, decrease ED utilization and improve follow- up appointment adherence.

CIPHER Health Phone Calls - All patients that have an inpatient stay at Upstate University Hospital receive an automated phone survey call within 24 hours of discharge. During that phone call, patients are asked a series of clinical and non clinical questions that are geared toward transitioning a patient back into the home after a hospitalization. Any patient that has a procedure in the Interventional radiology lab or a gamma knife procedure, also receives one of these calls after the fact. The goal of the program is to reduce re-admissions. During the automated survey, if the patient indicates that they are having issues with or questions revolving around discharge instructions, medications, symptom management or pain control, the nurses in the Triage and Transfer Center are alerted and a follow up phone call is made to the patient to assist them with their concerns.

Transfer Center - At Upstate University Hospital, we are the region's only level I trauma center, burn center, children's hospital, cancer center and comprehensive stroke center. At the UTTC we are coordinating all incoming transfers of patients for a higher level of care, specialty service or procedure only that are only provided at one of our campuses. We take incoming calls from physician office groups and urgent care centers that are sending a patient to one of our three ED's or as a direct admit. We have the support of a medical director and all phone lines are recorded for quality assurance.

Joey Angelina

Joey M. Angelina, MS, RN
Administrative Director
Upstate Triage and Transfer Center
315-464-3981  phone
315-464-7079  fax