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Travel questions:

Email: Travel Office – [email protected]

Phone: Jamie Dennis Tompkins   315-464-4978

Julie Emerson 315-464-4982


Form for Requesting Individual State Travel Card

Beginning on October 1, 2020, the Federal Real ID Act will be enforced and travelers who choose to use a state-issued driver’s license as a source of identification for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport checkpoints will need to ensure they are compliant with Real ID. To better prepare your travelers for the Real ID Act and help them fully understand its requirements, please review the Federal Real ID Requirements.

State employees and employees traveling with state funds cannot add personal time to a work trip.  You will be considered in travel status no more than 1 day prior to the start of your meeting/conference and no more than 1 day following your meeting/conference.  

Official travel status is 35 miles from your official workstation.

An “Over the Max” form is now required to accompany all hotel receipts that are over the max per diem for that location.

For the latest information regarding air travel security:

This site is designed to help answer your questions about traveling on state funds and about reimbursement procedures with links related to:

Changes in State Travel Policy

The Office of The State Comptroller, in seeking to streamline the State's travel rules, has advised the State agencies of changes to their travel reimbursement policies. Effective immediately the following revisions are in effect.

Effective January 29, 2024, all state employees should* apply for a state travel card when they will be traveling for work related events. The state travel card must be used to pay for:

  • Hotel Stays – room and tax only (tax exempt within NYS)- receipt required.
  • Economy class airfare, must be booked through Direct Travel- receipt required
  • Car Rentals – Enterprise Car Rental must be used, please ensure the SUNY Upstate discount codes are used- justification and receipt required
  • Gas for the rental car- receipt required
  • Train Tickets- receipt required
  • Parking- receipt required.
  • Registrations- any registrations up to $500 may be placed on the state travel card- receipt required.

You may not use your state travel card for the following:

  • A colleague's travel expenses
  • Meals
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi

* Should you choose to pay your travel expenses with your personal credit card you assume liability for all charges; any charges without receipts will not be reimbursed. Reimbursements can take up to 30 days from the time the travel office receives ALL required back up.