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Telehealth Information

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth often refers to the delivery of health care services through live, interactive videoconferencing. Telehealth may also be delivered through a regular phone call. Telehealth allows you to see and speak to your doctor or other health care service provider live, from the privacy and safety of your own home. You chat with your provider just as you would in person.

Often these appointments can be via a smart phone, computer or tablet. Depending on your doctor, these appointments are often held securely through common videoconferencing apps and platforms such as Webex, so you'll need a front facing camera with a working microphone.

Telehealth for Transplant Surgery Patients

In an effort to keep our patients safe, while still delivering quality patient care, we are currently conducting some appointments through video chat (WebEx) and other telehealth options.

Telehealth Appointment Instructions Via "Upstate My Chart"

How to join a Telehealth Appointment using WebEx

How to Get the Most from Your Telehealth Appointment

Device Tips:

  • Follow the instructions for downloading WebEx or signing on to the platform provided to you via MyChart
  • Answer phone calls, text messages, and check emails (you may be receiving special instructions) in the days leading up to AND the day of your appointment
  • Make sure your devise if fully changed
  • Test your internet connection, sound, video, and microphone ahead of time
  • If you have any questions about WebEx or your appointment, call the clinic ahead of your scheduled appointment to ask
  • Disconnect your device from all blue tooth devices or headphones

Appointment Tips:

  • Locate yourself in a quiet comfortable area that offers you privacy
  • Answer your phone and check your email the day of your appointment
  • The link to your appointment may end up in your email's junk folder - please check there if you do not receive it
  • Be ready for your virtual appointment 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time

General Tips:

  • Post-transplant patients: Have your transplant blue book and pill box handy if you're still utilizing it
  • Pre-transplant patients: Have the folder and all of its contents that were mailed to you ready for review
  • Have any vital sign measurements (i.e. blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight) available for review
  • Have paper and something to write with available to you so you can document any possible changes or requirements made by the team during your appointment