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Transplant Process and Evaluation

Transplant Process

The basic elements of the transplant process, including evaluation, preparation, surgery, and post-operative care are the same in adults and children. For example, adults with successful kidney transplant live longer and have a higher quality of life than adults receiving dialysis. That is also true in children. Compared to dialysis, kidney transplant dramatically improves growth, school performance, and social adjustment. 

Transplant Evaluation

The child's evaluation will be done by the Upstate Pediatric Kidney Transplant Team which includes nephrologists, surgeons, nurse coordinators, social workers, dieticians, and coordinators. We'll focus on education and making sure the child is medically appropriate for transplant and that both the child and family are emotionally prepared for the commitment transplant requires. 

Medical evaluation will focus on cardiovascular, infectious, and urologic risks. Based on these factors a personalized transplant protocol will be created to help facilitate surgical and post-operative care.