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Clinical Trials and Research

The Upstate Division of Thoracic Surgery has a long tradition of participation in pivotal thoracic oncology research. 

Currently, our surgeons are actively enrolling patients in several important clinical trials. Our interests in clinical trials comes from a desire to answer important clinical questions in order to optimize patient outcomes. Our surgeons are currently interested in understanding the role of neoadjuvant immunotherapy prior to lung cancer surgery as well as the optimal treatment of early stage lung cancer in patients with limited pulmonary function.

   Upstate Cancer Center – Clinical Trials   

In addition to clinical trials, our surgeons actively collaborate with research laboratories at SUNY-Upstate Medical University. Working with Guirong Wang, PhD, our surgeons are interested in understanding the role of TP53 polymorphisms in the pathogenesis of lung cancer. Our surgeons are also active in the Upstate Cancer Center biorepository research study.

Recent Research Publications from the Division of Thoracic Surgery

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