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Disclosing to The Office of Technology Transfer

OTT assists Upstate and its researchers in identifying, protecting, and licensing intellectual property. Upstate faculty, staff and students should disclose an invention to us if they believe their research could be commercialized for public use and benefit. If you discover or develop a novel method, device, process, material, computer software, or any other potentially valuable new technology, you should disclose your discovery or development to the university as soon as possible.

To officially disclose an invention, use the New Technology Disclosure form and submit it to OTT with original signatures. Electronic submissions are acceptable, but must also be accompanied by an original signature copy. If an assessment of the disclosure is positive, our staff and legal counsel will work with you to prepare and file appropriate intellectual property protection and work with you to develop your discovery's potential commercial value.

You are also strongly advised to contact us before you:

  • Submit anything for publication concerning your discovery or development, or speak about it or exhibit it at a conference
  • Meet with potential industry sponsors, or respond to queries from any company or group of investors regarding any aspect of your invention or current research

You should also contact us if you:

  • Would like to start a company based on your discovery
  • Are named as a co-inventor on a patent filed by a company or other institution
  • A primary mission of our office is to protect intellectual property developed by Upstate faculty, staff, and students. We can help you avoid circumstances that can adversely affect the value of your intellectual property.
Upstate Research Foundation New Technology Disclosure form