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Medical Device Systems

Method and Device for Preserving and Imaging Specimens While Retaining Spatial Orientation Information
A new device for use in the surgical removal of tumors. The device maintains the shape, and orientation of the specimen while it is imaged. This allows surgeons to ensure that they completely removed the tumor.

Improved Image Reconstruction Software for Safer Tomographic Scanning
New software to improve medical imaging while reducing the amount of radiation patients are exposed to.

Interoperative Neuro-monitoring Needle Safety Flap
A new safety feature for interoperatve neuro-monitoring (IONM) needle electrodes which protects medical technicians from needle sticks during the procedure.

Minimally-Invasive Infusion and Suction Therapy (MIST) Device for Treating Trauma
A novel device promising to help patients with sepsis avoid the deadly multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.

Dual-Mode Force Feedback Cam Walking Boot Insert
A simple insert to measure force applied by patients using a cam walking boot.

Improved Healing of Clavicle Fractures Using an Implantable Pre-Curved Intramedullary Rod
A new pre-curved implant for improving the healing of broken clavicles (collarbones).

Informatics Quality Assurance System for Radiation Therapy
A system to monitor radiation therapy treatment dosages and alert physicians of potential overdoses or deviations from treatment protocols.

Dyes, Diagnostics & Imaging

Monoclonal Antibody for Growth Associated Protein-43
A monoclonal antibody used in western blotting, specific to the GAP 43 neurological protein

Assay for Predicting the Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
An assay that screens SHIP1 expression to determine the risk of developing IBD such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

Using Milk With Indocyanine Green to Enhance Tissue Imaging
This novel fluorescent solution is comprised of indocyanine green and a powdered milk additive and fluoresces at a significantly higher intensity than indocyanine green alone.

Fast Near Infrared Probes for Optical Electrophysiology
Improved infrared probes for electrophysiological tissue imaging.

Tumor Marker to Diagnose and Treat Mucosal Melanoma
A novel tumor marker that can be used to diagnose and treat mucosal melanoma.


Protein Tinker Toys: Self-Assembling Catalytic Biomaterials
A new class of enzymatically active, synthetic polymers and hydrogels with applications in biofuel processing, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery.

Artifical Cellulosomes for Efficient Cellulosic Ethanol Processing
A novel method of producing ethanol using novel artificial cellulosomes.


LKL-12: An Anti-Cancer Drug Candidate
A new anti-cancer drug candidate derived from Arctium Lappa L, more commonly known as the burdock plant.

Aromatase Inhibitors as Anti-Cancer Agents
Novel steroid-based vinyl diazo compounds for use in the treatment of cancer

Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Using Sodium Hydrogen Exchange Inhibitors
A method of treating AD/HD using non-stimulant sodium hydrogen exchange inhibitors

Small Molecule for Treating Multiple Myeloma and Increasing Blood Cell Production
A class of small molecule compound showing promise for treating various cancers, including multiple myeloma, and for increasing blood cell production after chemo or radiation therapy.

Manipulation of Gut Hormones to Treat Type 2 Diabetes.

Therapy for Remyelinating/Repairing Nerves Damaged by MS and Spinal Cord Injury