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About Team Upstate

Contact: Zanette Howe Chair
Email: [email protected]



In June 2003, a group of Upstate employees formed a volunteer council to help promote public awareness of our contributions to the community called the Council for Employee Volunteerism (CEV).

In October of 2004, the CEV created and mailed a survey to 5,600 SUNY Upstate employees to gather information on their volunteer habits and interests. The 567 surveys returned provided the council with information regarding number of hours employees volunteered in their communities (over 50,000), the agencies and organizations they supported, and their interest in learning more about volunteer opportunities.  The survey served as a baseline of information to help continue to grow and track our community impact.

In 2007, the CEV's name was changed to Team Upstate to better reflect the fact that students, as well as employees, are actively involved in community service throughout the year.  Since then, Team Upstate has supported hundreds of events and cultivated opportunities for engagement throughout Central New York.

Team Upstate Today

Today, Team Upstate serves as a hub for participation in events and causes that benefit our community and to show pride in our own institution.  With over 10,000 employees and students, the volunteer hours have soared in a variety of ways.  Our partnership with United Way has led to volunteer opportunities with the American Heart Society, American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Samaritan Center, Ronald McDonald House, and The Mary Nelson Youth Center...just to name a few. 

In 2015, Team Upstate established the Your Cause program.  Annually, Upstate employees and students are encouraged to nominate a local non-profit that will be sponsored by Team Upstate for the upcoming year.  Selected organizations receive help with events, outreach, programs, general volunteering, and financial support up to $5000.  We have worked with organizations like Clear Path for Veterans and In My Father's Kitchen (program dedicated to the homeless).

The Team Upstate committee is comprised of a cross section of various departments and specialties across campus.  We are dedicated to connecting Upstate employees and students in meaningful ways.  With your help we will continue to meet our mission and enrich the lives of the communities we serve.   

If you are interested in joining the committee, or more information on Team Upstate, please contact Zanette Howe, Chair, at [email protected] or 315-464-4263.