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Q:  Am I required to take trauma patients to a trauma center?

A:  Yes, if the patient meets any one of the criteria deliniated in the Major Trauma Protocols.

NYS Bureau of EMS Policy Statement 06-01 Emergency Patient Destinations and Hospital Diversion

NYS DOH Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems - Statewide Basic Life Support Adult and Pediatric Treatment Protocols - Trauma Patient Destination



Q:  What should we do when Upstate Emergency Department is on diversion?

A:  Upstate does not close to Trauma when the ED is on diversion. You should continue to follow your ALS and BLS protocols and bring trauma patients to the Trauma Center.




Q:  Do I need to notify with my interfacility-transfer ETA?

A:  Please notify Upstate ED as soon as possible and minimally with an  ETA of 15 minutes for all trauma patients (scene or inter-facility). It is our goal to have the trauma team at the bedside when the patient arrives and your ETA helps us in accomplishing this goal.


TSAP Card Full


Q: What should we do if our ETA is less than 15 minutes from the scene and we have a critical trauma patient?

A: Immediately notify Upstate that you are enroute with a major trauma. This will allow us to activate the Trauma Team. We recognize that you may not have time to give a detailed report enroute. 


Q: What is the best way to contact Upstate ED?

A:  Please contact Upstate ED via Onondaga Fire Control - MED 10 - (315) 435-1600 - 155.340


Q:  Can we activate the Trauma Team from the field?

A:  Yes. During notification, state that you have a major trauma field activation.


Q:  Which patients should we request a field activation for?

A:  Use the ASAP critera listed above.