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Cancer Surgery Programs

Using Surgery to Treat Cancer

The course of treatment for a person diagnosed with cancer may include surgery. Sometimes this is the first step to remove cancer. At other times, surgery may follow a course of radiation therapy or chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. For other patients, surgery may not be needed.

Surgery Consultation

Depending on the diagnosis, the Upstate Cancer Center incorporates surgery consultation into the visit. You will be seen by a surgeon who specializes in the part of the body where the cancer is present and who uses a range of advanced techniques and technologies, all of which are in the same medical complex as the Upstate Cancer Center.

Fellowship Trained Surgeons

Another benefit of cancer surgery at Upstate is that the majority of our surgeons are fellowship trained. This means they spent one or more years perfecting their skills for a specific type of cancer or surgical techniques, following their residency training. Fellowship trained surgeons bring the skills they received at leading institutions around the country to benefit the patients of Central New York.

Surgical Oncology Programs