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Research Papers Authored or Co-Authored by Sumeet Jain

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Kollisch-Singule M, Emr B, Smith B, Roy S, Jain S, Satalin J, Snyder K, Andrews P, Habashi N, Bates A, Marx W, Nieman G, Gatto LA. “Mechanical breath profile of airway pressure release ventilation: the effect on alveolar recruitment and microstrain in acute lung injury.” JAMA Surgery. Nov 2014; 149(11): 1138-45.

  2. Kollisch-Singule M, Emr B, Smith B, Ruiz C, Roy S, Meng Q, Jain S, Satalin J, Snyder K, Ghosh A, Marx W, Andrews P, Habashi N, Nieman G, Gatto LA. “Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) Reduces Conducting Airway Micro-Strain in Acute Lung Injury.” Journal of the American College of Surgery. Nov 2014; 219(5): 968-76

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  7. Xu Y, Ge L, Abdel-Razek O, Jain S, Liu Z, Hong Y, Nieman G, Johnson F, Golub LM, Cooney RN, Wang G. “Differential Susceptibility of Human SP-B Genetic Variants on Lung Injury Caused by Bacterial Pneumonia and the Effect of Chemically Modified Curcumin.” Shock.  Apr 2016; 45(4):375-84.

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  10. Kollisch-Singule M, Jain SV, Satalin J, Andrews P, Searles Q, Liu Z, Zhou Y, Wang G, Meier A, Gatto LA, Nieman GF, Habashi NM. “Limiting Ventilator Associated Lung Injury in a Pre-term Porcine Neonatal Model.” Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Oct 2016; In Press.

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