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First Year

In the first year of the residency program, the resident becomes involved in surgical diagnosis and in intensive pre- and postoperative care.

The resident also becomes increasingly knowledgeable in selecting appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The intern is the member of the team most responsible for the floor management of patients.

The major thrust of the first year is not operative experience on complex cases, although substantial operating room experience is obtained, especially at the community hospitals. Service is balanced with education.

When designated as the Consults resident, Interns are responsible for evaluating patients in the ER, on the wards, and in the ICU, then discussing clinical details with the chief resident/and or the attending staff. the consult rotation is only done in the second half of the year. All rotations are one month long. There are slight differences between the individual PGY I schedules.

PGY I Rotations
PGY-1 Rotation Breakdown
Rotations (1 month each)
Acute Care Surgery Pediatric Surgery
Advanced Laparoscopy SICU
Burns Surgical Oncology
Community General Transplant
Crouse Trauma
ED Consults VA Hospital
Night Float Vascular