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Gary F Nieman, MS

Gary F Nieman, MS
Appointed 12/09/74
8718 Upstate University Hospital - Downtown Campus
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

315 464-5540

Current Appointments

Hospital Campus

  • Downtown

Research Programs and Affiliations

  • Surgery

Education & Fellowships

  • BS: SUNY Geneseo

Research Interests

  • Cardiopulmonary Critical Care


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Research Abstract

Gary is an Associate Professor and Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Surgery at the Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y. Gary is also the director of the Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Laboratory, which is a large animal translational laboratory investigating the pathophysiology and treatment of septic and traumatic shock. Specifically, Gary's group studies the pathogenesis and treatment of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and ventilator induced lung injury (VILI).

Gary has developed the technique of pulmonary in vivo microscopy, which allows them to view subpleural alveoli in the living animal during mechanical ventilation.

Teaching is also a prime directive of Gary's lab. He is responsible for mentoring surgical residents through a 1-3 year research fellowship. The residents in Gary's lab have earned over 37 awards for their research since 1996. Gary has also been awarded the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching 2003. Summer students ranging from Medical Students to Undergraduates are welcome to join the lab during the summer. Many of the students that have worked with Gary and his group over the summer have become authors on abstracts and paper, some presenting their research at International meetings.


Nieman Biography


PATENTS: Patent allowed: "Method of preventing acute lung injury". Patent serial number –5,977,091, "Novel method of assessing alveolar inflation in the acutely injured lung using sound" – Invention No. R1536-11 Patent applied for: "Non Antibacterial Chemically-modified Tetracyclines Reduced Sepsis-Induced Shock & Mortality". "Method for reducing blood loss associated with cardiopulmonary bypass" – Invention No. 1558-110

HONORS: President's Award for Excellence in Teaching 2003

PUBLICATIONS: (Selected from 83 publications)

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Ongoing Support

037 Nieman (PI), 11/1/00 — 10/31/08
Collagenex, Inc. "Modified tetracycline (COL-3) treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)"
The major goal of this project is to determine the time post injury where the modified tetracycline (COL-3) remains effective in preventing acute lung injury.
Role: PI

19850 Nieman (PI), 10/1/01 — 09/30/08
Hamilton Medical, Inc. "A Recruitment Maneuver plus High PEEP is the Optimal Ventilatory Strategy for ARDS Patients"
The major goal of this project is to determine the most effective recruitment maneuver technique to open collapsed alveoli and the appropriate PEEP to maintain alveoli open following recruitment. Maximizing the above ventilator strategies will reduce ventilator induced lung injury (VILI).
Role: PI

35496 Nieman PI), 2/1/05 — 2/1/06
Hamilton Medical Inc. "Direct Observation of Alveolar Mechanics on the Inflation and Deflation Limb of the Pressure/Volume Curve".
This study will compare in vivo alveolar recruitment during the generation of a whole lung pressure volume curve.
Role: PI

36856 Nieman (PI), 06/1/05 — 05/31/06
Viasys Inc. "HFOV vs. APRV as a strategy of protective mechanical ventilation"
The major goal of these studies is to determine if HFOV or APRV is the best method to prevent ventilator induced injury (VILI).
Role: PI

35102 Nieman (PI), 2/1/05 — 1/31/07
KCI Inc. "Kinetic therapy reduces the morbidity associated with sepsis-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)."
This study will test the hypothesis that constant rotation (kinetic therapy) will reduced the morbidity and mortality associated with ARDS.
Role: PI.

2 R42 HL065030-02A1 Freidenreich (PI), 09/30/00 — 11/30/06
NIH Small Business Technology Transfer Program. Phase II Grant Application. "Modified Tetracycline Effects on Sepsis-Induced Mortality"
The goal of this study is to identify the window of treatment of the modified tetracycline, COL-3, in reducing morbidity and mortality in sophisticated clinically applicable animal models of septic shock and ARDS.
Role: Co-Investigator

Completed Support

(R41 HL65030-01; Completed) Zerler (PI), 09/30/2000 — 08/31/2001
NIH Small Business Technology Transfer Program. "Phase I Grant Application. Prophylactic chemically modified tetracycline (CMT-3) reduces morbidity and mortality in an insidous onset sepsis model."
This study will develop a clinically applicable sepsis-induced ARDS porcine model and test the efficacy of the modified tetracycline, COL-3, in reducing morbidity and mortality.

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