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SUNY Molecular Analysis Core

SUNYMAC is a Core Facility that provides both fee-for-service sample preparation and analysis and free access to several pieces of common use equipment. The Core specializes in genome-wide or targeted high-throughput gene expression, genotyping, and copy number mapping, as well as ChIP-seq, methylation-seq, and single cell sequencing analysis. Our primary technology is Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS). SUNYMAC also maintains instrumentation for sample enrichment (laser microdissection), nucleic acid  Q/C analysis (Agilent Bioanalyzer), as well as NGS library construction (Covaris ultrasonicator), and target validation (BioRad real-time qPCR system, and BioPlex/Luminex system).

SUNYMAC is located in the Institute for Human Performance room 3636.


Contact the Technical and Administrative Director of the Core, Karen Gentile, for inquiries about sample preparation, processing, or billing and ordering.

Karen Gentile, Technical and Administrative Director
Phone: 315 464-3206
Email: gentilek@upstate.edu


Contact the Scientific Director, Dr. Frank Middleton, for questions regarding experimental design or data analysis and interpretation.

Frank Middleton, Scientific Director
Phone: 315 464-7721
Email: middletf@upstate.edu


Contact the Bioinformatics Specialist, Chunling Zhang, for questions regarding data analysis. 

Chunling Zhang, Bioinformatics Specialist
Phone: 315 464-1889
Email: zhangch@upstate.edu