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Mission of the College/Philosophy/Code of Professional Conduct/Academic Status


The faculty of the College of Nursing has defined the following mission: To leverage the powerful, professional voice of Nursing through outstanding education, clinical expertise, and research to improve health across the communities we serve.


We believe that nursing is a public trust that promotes access to healthcare and health equity. Nursing unifies art and science and is devoted to compassionate concern for human beings. Nurses practice from a holistic perspective to promote, restore, and maintain health, comfort, and dignity throughout the life process.

Education is a developmental process that facilitates learners to assume increasing responsibility for their own continued learning and professional growth. Nursing education continuously builds on a unique body of knowledge encompassing empirics, aesthetics, ethics, personal knowing, intuitive, and sociopolitical patterns of knowing. Empowered learners with a strong foundation in our unique body of knowledge, become nursing scholars who actively contribute to the profession.


See University Student Code of Conduct Policy and the Upstate Pledge.

Social Media Policy

Students must follow National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Social Media guidelines; State and Federal privacy laws; and clinical facility policies, with all use of social and electronic media on and off campus. Instances of inappropriate use of social media will be considered as violation of the Student Code of Conduct.


Attendance at the College is considered a privilege and not a right. The faculty and administration reserve the right to terminate, any time, the enrollment of any student within the College if they are considered, in any way, unfit for the study and practice of nursing or if they do not meet the standards of the State University of New York.