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Assessment Policy / Graduate Student Employees Union


Students are asked to assess various aspects of the College of Graduate Studies and Upstate Medical University throughout their graduate studies and subsequently as alumnus. For accreditation purposes, we continually evaluate our program for quality. Tp protect students' confidentiality,  information will be reported in aggregate, which is not associated to a specific personal identity.


Graduate students of the Upstate Medical University who hold teaching assistantships (TA's) and graduate assistantships (GA's) are represented by the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU), a subsidiary of the Communication Workers of America. The GSEU deals strictly with employment related matters as GA's and TA's are considered employees of the state as well as students. However, the university maintains the right to determine academic issues such as admissions standards, course offerings, course content, degree requirements, evaluation of students, assignment of students, and the discipline and discharge of students. An important benefit gained by graduate students through the GSEU is a health insurance program for themselves and their families. GA's and TA's also receive other benefits including regular stipend increases.