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Client Testimonials

Today (last day of the 8-week course) I had a potentially stressful encounter with two people that were previously on the top of my list of "very stressful people" and we were discussing the same "very stressful topic". Today, though, I was able to stay aware of my emotional state and short-circuit any unskillful reactions. We ended with a much more satisfactory outcome.
—B.I., engineer

Excellent course that was well worth the time and money. It is well structured so that it is both interesting and challenging. I found it beneficial, as I am finding myself to be calmer, more patient and experiencing more pleasure in my life.
—M.L., retired

Pauline Cecere is gifted at guiding not only the practice of meditation, but also the important process of recognizing and dealing with hindrances to the practice. She is also a wonderful role model of mindful living, and loving kindness in all aspects of life.
—K.H., educator

Learning to be “mindful” is a skill that our culture tries to erase. To be able to stop and listen is an art that can be regained.
—D.H., teacher

I took the course by recommendation of a family member who found MLSR after his own diagnosis with a chronic pain condition. This class has given me a new grounding and peace to with both pain and (at the same time) my blinding ambition, and for that I have the deepest gratitude.
—B.D., medical student