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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

GOAL 1: Provide outstanding education

Providing an outstanding educational experience for our students and residents is the number one goal for our colleges and teaching hospital. Our "students first" focus not only ensures the relevant programming and outstanding faculty to prepare our students to excel, our successful students also create a talented pool of alumni to meet the health professional workforce needs in New York State. [ more... ]

GOAL 2: Grow our clinical mission

Strengthening and growing our clinical mission to ensure outstanding patient care—while supporting our educational and research missions—benefits everyone in our region, and beyond. Current initiatives toward patient and family centered care, combined with a focus on quality and clinical excellence, will help make Upstate the first choice for patients. Designing a plan to respond to the healthcare needs of our regional communities will focus the growth of our clinical enterprise. [ more... ]

GOAL 3: Grow our research enterprise

Strengthening and growing the research enterprise will propel Upstate onto a regional and global stage to advance new technologies and biomedical science. Building partnerships within our SUNY system, with our neighboring universities, and with researchers across the world will help build a robust research enterprise that attracts funding, outstanding faculty and students, and has the potential to improve the health for people around the world. [ more... ]

GOAL 4: Commit to our community

The health and quality of life in the regional and global communities we serve is a priority for Upstate. We will improve community health by working collaboratively with our health department, local hospitals and community partners to address the pressing health needs within our immediate community. We will increase Upstate's investment in our regional and global communities by providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and student engagement in volunteer and leadership service, and through community giving. We also will seek out minority, women, and small businesses to provide procurement opportunities, and to develop public/private partnerships within our community. [ more... ]

GOAL 5: Sustain our university

As Upstate faces the economic realities of dwindling state support and increased need for its services, efforts to be even more self-reliant will help Upstate thrive in the long term—this includes planning for growth in revenue, new facilities and renovation, and investments in new technologies and existing infrastructure. Investments in developing our people and advancing our core value of infusing a culture of diversity across our campus will ensure Upstate recruits and retains the "best and brightest" in a competitive talent market. In addition, moving to becoming a more green university will help us become sustainable on another level and allow us to make the best use of resources. [ more... ]