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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.
Sustain our University

Goal Five: Sustain our University

Sustain Our University.

  1. Enhance investment in our people
    • Develop Leadership Academy
    • Develop/identify two new training opportunities annually for non-managerial staff
    • Increase positions filled through internal promotions
    • Increase hospital employee satisfaction
    • Campus employee satisfaction
    • Competitive turnover level
      1. University Hospital
      2. Campus
      3. Combined
  2. Advance our core value of diversity and infuse into our campus culture.
    • Increase under-represented minority (URM) trainee enrollment
      1. Student
      2. Medical Resident
    • Increase opportunities for diverse students in our community to participate in mentoring and internship programs
    • Increase women in underrepresented areas
    • Increase minorities in underrepresented areas
  3. Grow our revenues; become more entrepreneurial
    • Increase Annual Endowments
      1. Foundation
      2. Medical Alumni
    • Increase total annual contributions
      1. Foundation
      2. Medical Alumni
    • State Support-Campus
    • State Support-Hospital
    • Expenditures from Grants / Contracts (RF)
    • Tuition revenue to reflect increasing enrollment
    • Clinical Revenues-Hospital
    • Clinical Revenues-Medical Service Groups
  4. Increase investments in information technology
    • Capital funding invested in IT projects and capacity
    • Percent of servers virtualized
    • Number of active network ports
    • Technology adoption by new user accounts
    • Number of authorized users adopting community-based HIT
  5. Ensure capital building and renovation to support growth
    • Annual percent of total existing space renovated (% of square feet)
      1. education
      2. research
      3. clinical
    • Annual percent of new owned or leased space added (base of SF).
      1. education
      2. research
      3. clinical
    • Annual percent of total State funding allocated for critical maintenance
  6. Establish Upstate as a regional leader in Sustainability practices.
    1. Reduce energy use in buildings on a BTU/SF basis by 30%
    2. Cap greenhouse gas emissions at current levels and reduce emissions (tons/yr)
    3. Increase campus recycling to 67% of total waste stream.