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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.
Research Enterprise

Goal Three: Grow Our Research Enterprise

Develop Research Partnerships

The three strategies below have been identified as essential for Upstate to grow its research mission. Progress will be measured by the metrics identified below each strategy.

  1. Develop research partnerships in the region, state, nation and around the globe
    • Total Direct and Indirect Expenditures
      • local Universities
      • other SUNY Academic Health Centers
      • other state, national and international institutions (eg. IIBMST)
  2. Increase our research expenditures
    • Total Direct and Indirect Expenditures Annually
    • Federal % of Total Expenditures Annually
    • Total Annual Extramural Dollars Funded
    • Total Direct and Indirect Expenditures from:
      • Basic Science Departments
      • Clinical Departments
      • Industry Sponsored Research
    • New technology disclosures
  3. Hire basic and clinical researchers
    • Hire 30 faculty, plus 6