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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.

Residents and Fellows Steering Committee

Executive Sponsors

  • John McCabe, MD
  • Steven Scheinman, MD

Steering Committee

  • William Grant, EdD, Co-Chair Steering Cmt
  • Michael Iannuzzi, MD, Co-Chair Steering Cmt
  • Deborah Bradshaw, MD, Chair, Enhancing Education Team
  • Julie Briggs, RN, MSN, Co-Chair, Embracing Quality Team
  • Lynn Cleary, MD
  • Robert Cooney, MD
  • David Duggan, MD
  • Sue Henderson Kendrick
  • Deborah Hermann, Co-Chair, Life and Wellness Team
  • David Padalino, M.D., Co-Chair, Life and Wellness Team
  • Deb Stehle
  • Kathleen Meyer, Recorder