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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.

Embracing Quality Team

Quality Team Progress to date:

  • Need to define quality standards and how these standards are incorporated in to the care of the patient
  • Who would drive the quality circle or who is the Quality Engagement supervisor? Would/should that be the attendings? The chief residents? Or another individual just focused on this role?
  • Should we develop a web site of quality definitions, resources, tools, and links that would show not only quality in Upstate but also quality nationally
  • Offer Quality Improvement incentives, awards and/or grants to develop participation in quality initiatives by residents and fellows.

Team Members

Embracing Quality Team Members

Team Charge

The Embracing Quality Team is charged with creating recommendations to identify how patient care can be of the highest quality and clarify the role of residents and fellows in facilitating that care.

Your team is encouraged to conduct research to form or support your recommendations, for example: review of best practices in other graduate medical education programs; conduct interviews and/or survey, etc.

The Team will include considerations from/for:

  • How do we get residents and fellows integrated into the patient quality process at Upstate University Hospital?
  • Consider a Resident Quality Council
  • NYACP Near Miss Project
  • Resident and Fellows role in meeting program requirements
  • The design of an education plan on quality
  • Assessment to know quality is achieved
  • Resident and Fellows role in quality review and assessment
  • Ensuring residents and fellows understand the institutional quality structure
  • Creating a basic fundamental curriculum of clinical quality measures
  • Leveraging people with clinical quality expertise
  • Identifying quality stakeholders
  • Access to electronic medical records across healthcare institutions

Data sources for team consideration:

  • Outcomes from Focus Group sessions conducted with Program Directors and Coordinators and the RAC
  • ACGME Common Program Requirements effective July 1, 2011
  • ACGME Resident Survey Data 20092010 for Upstate Medical University
  • Annual Review of the Upstate Medical University Residency Experience Survey Results
  • Examples from existing UH department residency/fellowship patient quality review activities
  • Alignment with GME program requirements
  • Information available from other internal sources (UH Administration, IMT, related committees, etc.)

These documents are available on Blackboard.