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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.
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Residents and Fellows


We're looking for your input and feedback! The three Engaging Excellence Teams: Enhancing Education, Embracing Quality, and Life and Wellness will be presenting draft recommendations at a number of Resident/Fellow conferences (please see schedule).

The presentations will be interactive and delivered via Power Point through our Turning Point Software. The software enables the audience to vote and provide instant feedback on the recommendations being developed for the enhancements to Upstate's GME program. Please come and provide input and feedback on what's being developed.

Engaging Excellence for Residents and Fellows

At Upstate we pride ourselves on the fact that our faculty, staff, and students are continuously engaged in excellence to advance our education, research, and clinical missions. To that end, as part of the Engaging Excellence process at Upstate, President Smith has commissioned a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team structure to assess and recommend enhancements to the resident/fellow experience at Upstate Medical University.

Our goal is to create an outstanding Graduate Medical Education program where the focus is on the resident and fellow learning experience, enhanced by our faculty and staff who are committed to helping our residents and fellows become skilled physicians. Upstate strives to create a best-in-class resident/fellow experience that is known for its excellence.

The structure for the Resident/Fellow Engaging Excellence process includes a steering committee and three teams. These teams will focus on the resident/fellow experience for: Life and Wellness, Embracing Quality, and Enhancing Education.

The steering committee and three teams will create a collaborative partnership, conducting research, and sharing knowledge, information, and insights with regard to Upstate University Hospital's clinical model for delivery of care and operations, specifically with a focus on the impact and improvement of the residents and fellows educational, clinical, and life experiences while at UH. The teams are empowered to engage residents, fellows, faculty and staff in their research and outcomes.

At the end of this engagement, the three teams will make recommendations to the President and his Leadership Council for enhancements to the Graduate Medical Education Program. The recommendations will be made and reviewed according to the established timeline. It is anticipated that implementation of approved program recommendations will begin early in the fall of 2011.