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Sample Cost Estimate

The activity would involve having 12 residents completing 2 patient encounters with verbal feedback provided by the Standardized Patients.

For such an activity we would schedule 4 residents at a time for 1 hour sessions. This would require a 3 hour block to accommodate the 12 residents.

Sessions Costs:

This activity would require 3 SP's for each of the 2 cases. The SP's would be scheduled for 3.5 hours for the session. Having 3 SP's for each case would allow each SP appropriate break time in order to avoid fatigue from doing too many encounters consecutively.

There would be a total of 6 SP's for the 3.5 hour session at $15/hr.

6 SP's x 3.5 hours x $15/hr = $315 SP Cost for the session

Training Costs:

Assuming that the two cases would be relatively uncomplicated ("typical") cases; Training should be 5 hours per SP.

6 SP's x 5 hours x $15/hr = $450 SP Cost for Training
Total SP Cost $315 + $450 = $765.00
25% SP Program fee = $191.25

Total Cost for Project = $956.25