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CPE Levels

Level I

Students accepted into Upstate's CPE program generally begin as Level I students. CPE Standards define Level I by distinct learning objectives and outcomes that range from the ability to initiate a helping relationship to being able to articulate one's religious heritage as it impacts pastoral care.

Level II

The CPE Standards describe Level II as having accomplished the Level I learning outcomes and working at a greater depth and with intent, generally, towards national chaplaincy board certification. At Upstate, a student must complete two units of Level I CPE before applying to be accepted as a Level II student. Students who have prior CPE training at another center and who wish to enter as a Level II student will be assessed on a case-by-case basis during the application process. An Upstate student is required to meet a consultation committee composed of several CPE Professional Advisory Council members and a certified chaplain to assess readiness to function as a Level II student.

Supervisory Education Training

Upstate received additional accreditation to offer CPE Supervisory Education training in 2013. We have joined with Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY to create the New York Great Lakes ACPE Supervisory Education Consortium. Becoming a CPE Supervisor is a rigorous process involving 3-6 years of intense preparation under the supervisor of a CPE Supervisor. Requirements and an application can be found at www.acpe.edu Certification Manual. If this is a special call in your life, please contact Upstate's CPE Supervisor to begin the dialogue about your interest. Upstate has a stipended position for an SES (Supervisory Education Student), others may train for the fee of $900 a training unit. Minimally you must have 4 CPE units from an ACPE accredited training program (2 at Level II), faith endorsement, graduate education, clinical experience and a passion for pastoral education.