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Bob Crandall performing reiki on a patient

There Is More

The services in Spiritual Care focus on caring for the whole person in a broad way that attempts to meet the diverse spiritual needs of those we serve. All the services listed below can be arranged by calling Department of Spiritual Care at 315 464-4687.

    One patient who was terminally ill said, 'Through art I have learned to live although I know am dying." A variety of art forms from drawing, painting or coloring predesigned mandalas (sacred circles) have helped patients feel less stressed and more at peace. The manual Art and Spirituality is available along with art supplies upon request.
    These 'love covers' have been sewn with love and prayers by volunteers from local congregations and other community groups. They are distributed to patients on request.
  • CHOIR:
    Members of the staff and volunteers travel through the hospital once a week, as well as on special occasions, singing for patients and families at the bedside.
    Certified Music Practitioners are available to play at the bedside offering comfort and relaxation. For more information, visit the Music for Healing and Transition Program website.
  • REIKI:
    Reiki is a Holistic therapy that reduces anxiety, reduces pain, and promotes sleep. It is provided as a compliment to the hospital’s standard medical practice. It has no adverse impact on the patient’s medical care. It is done with or without touching the patient. It can be provided to patients, out-patients, as well as to caregivers. It is provided by volunteers within the Spiritual Care Department.

Arts & Health Alliance

We are part of a larger movement to integrate Arts in healthcare through Global Alliance for Arts and Health. This is a diverse, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives.