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Upstate Remembers

Upstate Remembers


Join us for our Upstate Remembers online service with remarks from President Dewan, CEO Corona, Spiritual Care’s Rev. Terry Culbertson, and a performance of Amazing Grace sung by Chevelle Jones-Moore. 

To watch the service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oISLVbKIP4

Upstate Remembers was inspired by the Memorial Day of Remembrance called Yom HaZikaron that began in Israel. On that day, a loud siren wails throughout the country and everyone stops where they are to light candles, lower flags to half-mast and honor the dead by remembering their lives. At the sounds of the siren, motorists stop their cars on the highway and stand beside their vehicles silently for two minutes.

Upstate wanted to give its employees an opportunity to reflect on a difficult year, said Culbertson, who helped plan the events. Culbertson noted that it was one year ago this week that Upstate admitted its first COVID-19 patient.

In Onondaga County, 646 people have died of COVID-19. There have been 48,686 COVID-19 deaths in New York state and more than 538,000 deaths nationwide. Upstate Remembers is intended to remember those lost to the pandemic but also the hard work and stresses endured by everyone at Upstate working to care for patients, their families and each other during this difficult time, Culbertson said.

“As human beings, we need ritual to create meaning and say something important has happened,” she said. “That can create strength for us and bring comfort and a sense of being united as a community of care. We all have hard things in our lives. We all have losses. It’s a very hard thing to be a human but it makes us care for each other better.”

Upstate Remembers wants to unite Upstate’s more than 11,000 employees who work in two hospitals and a handful of other buildings across the county.