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Accreditation and Awards

The Upstate Sleep Center has been accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for more than 25 years.

The accreditation process is based on the AASM Standards for Accreditation of Sleep Disorders Centers, and requires a survey of the facility. According to AASM, “The continued quality of these requirements has made AASM center accreditation the gold standard by which the medical community and the public evaluate sleep medicine facilities.

"We are proud to announce the re-accreditation of the Upstate Sleep Center," said Co-Medical Director Robert E. Westlake, MD, FACP. “The center has a long history of serving its patients to the highest standard of care, and this re-accreditation reaffirms this dedication to their sleep health.”

“The Upstate Sleep Center has been accredited by the AASM for more than 25 years,” said Co-Medical Director Dragos N. Manta, MD. “The accreditation process reviews the center’s staff and training, policies, equipment and more, to ensure that we operate at the highest standard set by the AASM.” 

The Upstate Sleep Center, the only sleep study facility in Central New York to care for children, is located in Medical Center West in Camillus, NY. Its staff includes four administrative staff, 14 sleep technicians and a team of seven physicians who specialize in sleep medicine, pediatrics, neurology, pulmonary disease and otolaryngology. The facility has 12 sleep study rooms, which operate seven days and nights a week to help diagnose sleep disorders.

For more information about the Upstate Sleep Center, call (315) 492-5877.