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Process for Raising Confidential Concerns

We at the Department of Rheumatology are open to any questions or concerns that you might have about the program. Alongside the anonymous year-end surveys delivered by the GME and the program, there are other methods of raising confidential concerns throughout the year. You can submit a comment anonymously thru the website, contact the GME office or contact one of your Resident Advisory Council representatives. 

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office strives to maintain an environment where residents are free to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal. If you have an issue you would like us to address you may submit the information to the GME website at www.upstate.edu/gme/res-feedback.php. Any information you provide will be kept completely anonymous. In addition, residents may also schedule an appointment to meet with the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (464-7617) or call the Compliance Hotline at 464-6444.

Resident Advisory Council (RAC): The Resident Advisory Council is composed of peer selected resident representatives of each of the accredited residency programs of the State University of New York Upstate Medical University. This body meets two times per year [more frequently if required]. These meetings provide a forum to address issues that are of general concern to trainees. This may include hospital policies, facilities, or educational issues. Proposed policies, educational offerings or concerns may be brought by the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education to resident representatives at these meetings to elicit input. Minutes from the meetings are distributed to all residents and are maintained on the GME website. The Resident Advisory Council elects from among its membership representatives to serve one-year terms as voting members of the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee. These representatives provide a resident’s perspective to issues that arise in the GME Committee. The Resident Advisory Council also serves as a place where women residents can voice their concerns regarding issues relevant to women (for example, lactation rooms, pregnancy policies).

You can report anonymously a Safety Intelligence Event thru the Upstate Website