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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Patient Safety

The faculty, fellows and the staff of the Department of Rheumatology is committed to ensuring patient safety and Quality Improvement. During their orientation fellows are informed about the institutions patient safety guidelines and where to report an Safety Intelligence (SI) event anonymously.

Quality Improvement 

During the 16-17 academic year, each fellow designed a QI project to research at the VA. They were given data sets from the VA IMT, analyzed the data, produced an abstract and gave recommendations to the VA based on the QI results. They worked on the following topics: Osteoporosis prevention and long term steroid use; PCP prophylaxis in patients taking chronic prednisone; Providers check for viral hepatitis prior to starting Methotrexate; Pneumococcal vaccination in rheumatologic patients on immunosuppressives. We hope to continue these projects for all incoming fellows to the program