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Care Transitions

The department is dedicated to optimizing transitions in patient care thru open communication and engagement with faculty, fellows and members of interdisciplinary teams. The department’s consult week runs from Monday to Sunday. On Friday before/after didactics the fellow on consult will have face-to-face communication with incoming consult fellow starting on Monday, notifying them about the current status of the patients on service.   On Sunday night, the fellow on consult will sign out the patients on the consult team to the incoming consult fellow via written confirmation. The patient information is shared via EPIC which the fellows have remote access available at home to look up the patients records if need be.   

The fellows schedule a follow-up with their inpatient consults at the outpatient clinic via EPIC with themselves or the attending physician.  

 When a faculty member is away on vacation his/her inbox is assigned to the fellows and attending on consult. When a fellow is on vacation their faculty clinical preceptor will be assigned their inbox.