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Research Faculty—Orthopedic Surgery

Program Director/Department Chair: Stephen Albanese, MD

  • Timothy Damron, MD
    Research Interests:

    Radioprotectant strategies: pediatric growth plate. Treatment of Fractures in Pathology Bone, Reconstructive Alternatives: Limb-Sparing Sarcoma Surgery, Genetics of Pagetoid Osteosarcoma

  • Jason Horton, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Skeletal development, maturation and maintenance;  Mesenchymal stem cell biology;  Radiobiology of skeletal tissues; Radiosensitization of pediatric musculoskeletal sarcoma.

  • Kenneth Mann, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Micro-mechanics of implant interfaces; damage evolution of joint replacements and biomaterials; in vivo models of tumor osteolysis and prediction of fracture risk; general orthopedic biomechanics.

  • Megan Oest, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    Radiation damage to bone and progenitor cells; mechanical regulation of bone cell behavior; osteoclast lineage cells; orthopedic tissue engineering.

  • Nathaniel Ordway, MS, PE
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Clinical and experimental spine biomechanics; Motion analysis and functional assessment

  • Frederick Werner, MME, PE
    Research Interests:

    Experimental biomechanics of the upper and lower extremities as related to the function of normal, diseased and surgically repaired soft tissues and joints.

More About Upstate Research and Faculty

Overview of Research
David Amberg, PhD
Vice President for Research
Research Administration Organization
Sponsored Programs
Jennifer A. Rudes, Director, Sponsored Programs Pre-Award
Office of Sponsored Programs
Research Administration
Holly Chanatry, MS
Strategic Research Initiatives

Research Development
Clinical Research Unit
Ruth S. Weinstock, MD, PhD
Division Chief of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
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Research Integrity
Robert H. Quinn, DVM, PhD
Interim Associate Vice President for Research Integrity
Research Integrity Office
Quality Assessment and Improvement Program (QAIP)
Robin Cerro
QAIP Coordinator
Research Compliance: IRB, IBC & QAIP
Research Compliance
Marti Benedict
Chief Compliance Officer for Research
Research Compliance: IRB, IBC & QAIP
Center for Research & Evaluation (CRE)
Steven Ziemba
Administrative Director
Center for Research & Evaluation (CRE)
Post-Awards Services
Gina McMahon
Director, Post-Award Services
Technology Transfer
Scott Macfarlane
Director, Office of Technology Transfer
Office of Technology Transfer