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  • Melanie Kalman, PhD, RN
    Research Interests:

    Cardiovascular disease and women; Adolescent Women; End of Life Care

  • Patricia Kane, PhD
    Professor and Chair
    Research Interests:

    Vacuolar H+ATPases (structure, function, assembly and regulation), cellular pH homeostasis, cellular stress responses, protein sorting, genomics, yeast as a model system

  • Mobin Karimi, MD/PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    • Immunoreceptor signaling during development, homeostasis, and effector function of T cells and NK cells.
    • T lymphocytes for adoptive cell therapy against hematological cancer.
    • The role of the transcriptional regulator in alternative signal pathways to assess’ T cells cytotoxic function of hematological cancer cells
    • The role of adaptor molecule SLP-76 in hematological malignancies and bone marrow transplantation
    • The role of Tec family tyrosine kinases (ITK) and the activation of PLC-γ, Ca2+ mobilization, and ERK activation

  • Manoochehr Karjoo, MD
    Research Interests:

    Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease. Bravo pH Analysis. Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Anti IL5 Reslizumab in the treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a National Study in progress. Safety and efficacy of infliximab use in children and adolescents.

  • Mitchell Karmel, MD
    Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus
    Research Interests:

     Computed Tomographic Angiography, Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Interventional Oncology, Hypertension


  • Richard Kelley, MD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:


    Third World ENT Disease and Training Programs for Providers

  • Robert Kellman, MD
    Professor & Chair Emeritus
    Research Interests:

    Facial trauma; Head and neck cancer

  • Gloria Kennedy, MD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Treatment of pediatric brain tumors.
    Improving feedback to and evaluations of pediatric residents.

  • Paul Kent, MD, PhD
    Clinical Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    Mechanisms of sensory coding in the olfactory system; seizure mechanisms in hippocampal slices; optical imaging techniques.

  • William Kerr, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Transplant immunology and stem cell biology.

  • Kamal Khurana, MD
    Research Interests:

    Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration, Head & Neck Cytology

  • Christine King, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Dr. King's research focuses primarily on understanding how the innate immune system contributes to the pathogenesis of severe viral infections with the goal to develop novel therapeutics for treatment.

  • James Knoll, MD
    Clinical Professor
  • Barry Knox, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Visual transduction, Gene Expression, Membrane proteins

  • Bruce Knutson, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    RNA polymerase I transcription (structure, assembly, regulation), nucleolar biology, macromolecular architecture, crosslinking, proteomics, bioinformatics, modeling, molecular genetics, biochemistry, model systems

  • Leslie Kohman, MD, FACS
    Distinguished Service Professor
    Research Interests:

    All aspects of thoracic oncology and lung cancer. Clinical trials in solid organ cancers.

  • Leszek Kotula, MD/PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    Cancer biology, cell signaling, the role of actin cytoskeleton in tumor progression, mouse models of cancer

  • Carol Anne Kozik, DNS, FNP-BC
    Assistant Professor
  • Hani Kozman, MD
    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests:

    Coronary artery disease; Acute coronary syndromes; Acute myocardial infarction; Interventional cardiology; Coronary angioplasty/stenting

  • Mira Krendel, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    Physiological functions of myosin motors and their roles in diabetic kidney disease and cancer

  • Barbara Krenzer, MD
  • Andrzej Krol, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Development of:

    • Extremely low-dose and high-resolution tomographic reconstruction methods in PET and SPECT
    • Advanced ultrafast PET detector
    • Advanced very high-sensitivity and high-spatial resolution brain PET scanner
    • Ultrafast laser-based betatron microfocal x-ray source for very high-resolution biomedical imaging
    • PET bioprobe for detection and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and other cancers
    • Advanced breast cancer detection methods in mammography
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Cancer systems biology, bioinformatics, big data and survival prediction analyses, predictive and personalized medicine, computational genome and transcriptome biology, non-B DNA structures, RNA:DNA hybrids, R-loops, G-quadruplexes, ncRNAs, clinical biomarker discovery and validation

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David Amberg, PhD
Vice President for Research
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