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in vivo Micro-CT Pricing

Pricing for in vivo Micro-CT scanning is based on a three-tier system. SUNY Upstate labs are charged the lowest fees. All other SUNY schools, Syracuse University and Collaborating Institutions are charged in the second tier. All other clients are charged in the highest tier.

The unassisted rate structure is as follows:

  • SUNY Upstate Medical University: $160/hr of scanner time in 0.5 hr increments
  • Other SUNY schools, Syracuse University and collaborating Institutions: $250/hr of scanner time with 0.5 hr increments
  • Other: $350/hr of scanner time

The assisted rate includes additional image processing of the obtained tomographic data and is higher than the unassisted rate.

  • Unassisted rate: transaxial images only provided to the user
  • Only actual scanner time is charged
  • Costs related to contrast agent use are charged separately

For the details inquire with Director of the in vivo micro-CT core laboratory.