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Frequently Asked Questions

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What paperwork is required prior to in vivo micro-CT scanning?

All PIs must obtain SUNY Upstate Medical University Committee for the Humane Use of Animals (CHUA) approval prior to in vivo micro-CT scans of live animals. Non-hazardous (non-radioactive, non bio-hazardous, non-toxic) specimens do not required special approval. Any other specimens require appropriate paperwork (Radiation Safety Committee, Biohazard Committee)

Where do I bring my small live animals or specimens for scanning?

Small live animals must be brought in their cages to the In Vivo Micro-CT Core Facility (WH 1111F). Specimens need to be delivered in the containers appropriate for scanning.

Please contact Dr. Krol (Phone: 315 464-7054) at least seven days in advance.

Who handles the small living animals prior, during and after scanning?

PI or a personnel designated by him/her handles the small animals under supervision of In Vivo Micro-CT Core and/or DLAR staff. They are also required to clean the anesthesia induction and the imaging chambers after completion of the scan(s).

How long is the in vivo micro-CT scan?

The exact timing of your experiments will depend on the required spatial resolution, filed of view size (do you need to image the whole animal or the specimen, or only selected volume of interest) and size of the animal or the specimen (a rat scan is typically longer than a mouse scan). Based on these factors the scan duration would be in the range of 5 - 60 minutes. In addition, you need to add approximately 10 minutes for anesthetizing the animal, injection of contrast material (if required) and the animal positioning in the imaging chamber. Approximate scan duration will be estimated and provided to you prior to micro-CT imaging.

How long after I scan my animals or specimens will I have data?

Usually you will have your transaxial images on a DVD within 1-3 business day.

How do I get my data and what do I do with it?

When your samples are processed the in vivo micro-CT core lab will contact you.

You can access your data as follows:
Bring a DVD disk to the lab and we will copy your data files. The data s file size could be as large as 4 GB. Multiple image formats are available:

  • Raw 16-bit signed, small Endian
  • Tiff 16-bit signed, small Endian
  • Other formats: please discuss it with the Core Facility staff
    See Image Analysis Resources for information about software programs that you can obtain from the Core Facility.

How much does it cost?

See in vivo Micro-CT Prices for our current price list.

How do I pay for in vivo Micro-CT Services?

After your animals or specimens are imaged and you have your data, your lab will be sent an invoice with your charges and instructions for payment.

  • If you are at SUNY Upstate, you can bring a signed Research Foundation or State Purchase Requisition with your grant account number to the Core staff.
    You will obtain a copy of the completed form.
  • Labs outside of SUNY Upstate Medical University (including other SUNY schools) must pay by check; we are unable to accept PO numbers.
    Checks should be made payable to The Research Foundation of SUNY, with SUNY In Vivo Micro-CT Core Facility referenced in the memo line.

    Please send checks to:
    • Andrzej Krol, PhD
      SUNY Upstate Medical University
      750 East Adams Street
      Syracuse, NY 13210

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Contact Scientific Director:

Andrzej Krol, PhD
[email protected]
Phone: 315 464-7054