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Image Analysis Resources

Information on the software packages available to analyze your images:

  • ImageJ Free
    Image Processing and Analysis in Java.
  • AMIDE Free
    AMIDE is a completely free tool for viewing, analyzing, and registering volumetric medical imaging data sets. It's been developed using GTK+/GNOME, and runs on any system that supports the toolkit (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X with fink, etc.).
  • MicroView Free
    MicroView is an open source, freely distributed 3D volume viewer. MicroView includes numerous image analysis tools and plug-ins.
  • AMIRA Available only at the Core Lab
    State-of-the-art visualization techniques allow you to gain detailed insight into your data. Graphics hardware is utilized to display even very large data sets at interactive speed. Processing of 3D image data is supported by powerful automatic and interactive segmentation tools. Novel, fast, and robust reconstruction algorithms make it easy to create polygonal models from segmented objects. Amira is available for Windows, SGI Irix, HP-UX, SunOS, and Linux.
  • Analyze Available only at the Core Lab
    Analyze is one of the most comprehensive, robust and productive software packages available for 3D biomedical image visualization and analysis. It is entirely built upon a toolkit of optimized functions that are organized into a software development library called AVW. The AVW imaging library is a collection of over 600 functions that are accessible to software developers to build advanced image-based application solutions.

    Analyze is an integration of the full functionality represented in the AVW toolkit with an intuitive windows-based interface which makes it easy to learn and to use.

    The most important feature of Analyze is the paradigm in which it operates a powerful software architecture that allows multiple volume images to be simultaneously accessed and processed by multiple programs in a multi-window interface.