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Radiology Research

Current Radiology research and related interests in our department include:

  • Evaluation of cardiopulmonary physiology by advanced CT and MRI techniques.
  • PET/CT imaging for brain and thyroid cancer therapy.
  • Advanced neuro-imaging and head and neck imaging.
  • Visualization and newer techniques of analysis of medical imaging data, including utilization of 3D printing and 3D visualization.
  • Decreasing positive margins in patients undergoing breast conservation treatment.  Utilization of ultrasound elastography and 3D printed images of breast cancers to help evaluate cancer margins in order to help radiologists, surgeons, and pathologists help obtain this goal.
  • Interventional Neuroradiology- Stroke intervention and aneurysm treatment.
  • Interventional oncology – utilization of advanced techniques to minimize patient morbidity.
  • Ultrasound in evaluation of acute pediatric pathologies.
  •  Guidelines for managing “incidentalomas” noted on imaging studies that are performed for other reasons.
  • Advanced tomographic reconstruction in SPECT and PET.
  • Wearable brain PET Scanner.
  • Ultrafast laser-based x-ray source for biomedical application
  • Evaluation of advanced CT (and MR) imaging approaches in early diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • Liver intervention studies: oncology (thermal ablation and chemoembolization) and portal hypertension (TIPS and BRTO).

in vivo Micro_CT

Upstate's full service micro computed tomography laboratory designed for micro imaging of living small laboratory animals.