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CT (Computed Tomography)

CT-MRI Scheduling, Radiology
Upstate Specialty Services at Harrison Center
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CT-Radiology Community Hospital
Upstate Community Hospital
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4900 Broad Road
Syracuse, NY 13215
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CT Angiogram
CT angiogram shows vascular anomaly in the lung.

Since its development in the mid-70's, the utilization of Computed Tomography (CT) has grown exponentially in the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, emergency medicine, and orthopedics. The medical establishment has found CT imaging to be the definitive tool for diagnostic information.

With current state of the art scanners, a section of the body is scanned at one time and detailed information can be manipulated later to produce two and three-dimensional images. Specialty imaging at University Hospital includes CT guided interventions/biopsies, stereo-tactic procedures and CT angiography.

In addition, we offer CT services focused on our pediatric population. Unique to University Hospital is the availability of general anesthesia support when necessary to complete a child's diagnostic or invasive procedure.

At University Hospital, we performed more than 30,000 procedures last year on our two GE Lightspeed CT Scanners. We are excited to announce the recent acquisition of the next generation 64-slice scanner dedicated to our Emergency Department patients and capable of unparalleled resolution