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Radiation Worker Responsibilities

Responsibilities of All Radiation Workers

Reviewed 5/31/16

      Radiation workers are individuals authorized by the Radiation Safety Officer to work with radioactive materials and operate radiation-producing equipment or frequent controlled areas.

      Each person working in an area where the possibility of radiation exposure or contact with radioactive materials exists has a responsibility to become informed of possible radiation hazards.

      Each worker must act in accordance with the requirements of this manual and those established by the Radiation Safety Committee and his or her supervisor.

Training in Radiation Safety.

      No radioactive material or radiation-producing source will be used without the user being properly trained. Training in possible hazards associated with a particular use of radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment shall be provided by the individual authorized to possess and use the radiation source in question.  General radiation safety instruction can be provided by the authorized user or the Radiation Safety Office.

      The Radiation Safety Officer shall make the final decision as to the proper amount of training in radiation safety.  Experience in handling radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment may be substituted for partial fulfillment of training requirements.  The amount of training or experience required will be based on the training requirements set forth in Part 16, N.Y. State Public Health Code and additional requirements set forth by the Radiation Safety Committee.