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Radiation Safety Officer

(reviewed 5/31/16)

      A Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) shall be appointed in writing by the President of the SUNY Upstate Medical University.  The Radiation Safety Office, under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer, is responsible for the establishment of safe working conditions for all Upstate’s personnel and patients as well as the general public and to maintain environmental emissions within limits set by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The specific duties include:

1. Carry out the directives of the Radiation Safety Committee.

2. General surveillance and inspections of all health physics and radiation activities to insure that radiation exposure to workers, patients and the general public are kept as low as practicable.

3. Consultation with all individuals and groups concerning the safe use of radiation including protective devices, shielding and special equipment (such as clothing, respirators, etc.).

4. Investigating each case of excessive or abnormal radiation exposure or other radiation accident to determine causes and affect rectification of contributing factors.

5. Assaying and performing quality control checks or instituting such procedures when deemed appropriate for all radionuclides used in human subjects.

6. Assisting at and insuring safe practices for all radiation procedures which are unusual or carry a large risk from a health physics aspect.

7. Instituting a program of radiation surveys, inspections and wipe tests along with record keeping to monitor radiation use.

8. Instructing personnel for proper procedures for storage, use and disposal of radioactive materials.

9. Supervise and coordinate radioactive waste disposal including proper record keeping, waste handling, packaging and separation.

10. Perform New York State required leak testing of sealed sources and inspect radiation producing equipment.

11. Institute, supervise and review all personnel monitoring by film badges and other personnel dosimeters and consult on special cases such as pregnancies, children, etc.

12. Supervise decontamination in the case of radioactive contamination of persons or areas.

13. Plan, institute and utilize adequate health safeguards and practices with respect to new equipment and/or procedures using radiation in conjunction with principal investigators.

14. Maintain a continuous and developing program of radiation hazard evaluation and elimination.

15. Maintain a capability to respond to radiation emergencies originating either within the Upstate Medical University or outside where the Upstate Medical University may become involved.

16. Maintain good working relationships with radiation-using groups to insure an effective program of radiation safety.

17. Supervise the various activities of the Radiation Safety Office.

18. Maintain Calibrations of Radiation Safety survey instrumentation.

       Minimum qualifications of the Radiation Safety Officer established by the N.Y. State Public Health Code is found in 10 NYCRR 16 2(a)(99)