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Application to Become Principal User

Reviewed 5/31/16

       Persons wishing to become principal users of unsealed sources of radioactive materials at the Upstate Medical University must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Committee using the form <hyperlink here>. The completed application is then sent to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) for evaluation.

     The evaluation process consists of a review of the application, an interview with the applicant, and a visit to the user’s laboratory. The RSO will then produce a detailed evaluation of the application, interview and laboratory visit for submission to the Radiation Safety Committee with the RSO’s recommendation. Depending on the type of application, i.e., human use or non-human use, the application will be sent to either the human use or non-human use subcommittee of the Radiation Safety Committee and its chairman for comment, approval, conditional approval or disapproval. Approval of the application must be unanimous by the three members of the appropriate subcommittee and the chairman.


       Radioactive material/radiation producing device permit holders are required to conduct their programs in accordance with statements,representations, and procedures contained in the permit application and supporting documents. The permit must therefore be amended if the permit holder plans to make any changes in the facilities, equipment (including types of monitoring and survey instruments), procedures, authorized users, radiation therapy physicist, or radioactive material to be used. The written request for permit amendments may be by memorandum or via E-mail. The application should identify the permit by number and should clearly describe the exact nature of the changes, additions, or deletions.

     References to previously submitted information and documents should be clear and specific and should identify the pertinent information by date, page and paragraph. Amendment applications must be signed or contain the E-mail signature block of the permit holder and dated.