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Reviewed 5/31/16

      This edition of the Radiation Safety Manual sets forth the requirements and recommendations governing the use of radiation sources at the SUNY Upstate Medical University. The general and specific policies and procedures for the safe use of radionuclides and radiation sources are set up by the Radiation Safety Committee. After approval by the President, they are reviewed by the New York State Department of Health prior to being put into effect. Where the use of radionuclides or radiation involves research on human subjects, the Institutional Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects along with the Radiation Safety Committee, review the proposed use, make recommendations, and set policies and procedures.

      The responsibility for determining that approved procedures are carried out and that the rules and regulations of the Upstate Medical University, state and federal agencies regarding radiation safety are adhered to, has been assigned to the Radiation Safety Office under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The Radiation Safety Officer, who reports through the Radiation Safety Committee to the Vice President for Research in this capacity, will interpret the procedures established by the Radiation Safety Committee, will monitor and check all use of radionuclides, and will make certain that all necessary records, information, and reports are kept. The RSO and others delegated by him will work closely with the Radiation Safety Committee, the Institutional Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, and the Committee for the Humane Use of Animals, to ensure the maximum beneficial use of radiation with the minimum practical risk to patients, employees, and general public.

      All personnel using radiation should become familiar with the procedures contained in this manual and conduct themselves in accord with them. In the event that the Radiation Safety Officer or designee detects violations or deficiencies in any part of the Upstate Medical University regulations which go uncorrected after being brought to the attention of the responsible individuals, such will be reported to the Radiation Safety Committee and the President and appropriate action will be taken.