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Cessation of RAM Use

Reviewed 5/31/16

     The Authorized User may terminate his/her permit at any time by notifying the RSO in writing, thirty (30) days in advance of the intended termination date.  The notice must include how he/she will transfer the radioactive material currently in his/her possession. The Authorized User must transfer all radioactive material (RAM) in his/her possession to either the RSO or another Authorized User prior to termination of his/her permit. The Authorized User must schedule an exit inspection to be conducted by a member of the RSO staff after all radioactive material has been removed from the room(s) and other required actions are completed. The Authorized User must submit their exit wipe test survey to the Radiation Safety Office before the room is cleared and permit terminated.

      The Authorized User must inform the RSO in writing should they plan to stop using RAM for a period longer than six (6) months.  The Authorized User is not required to provide details about a new location, however all the following will apply to include submitting an exit/cessation inspection and submitting an exit/cessation wipe test survey.

     Once an area has been designated as a controlled area for the use of radioactive material by the Radiation Safety Committee, it shall remain so until it has been found suitable for non-radioactive uses and released by Radiation Safety staff.

Instructions for Decommissioning and Vacating Radioactive Use Laboratories.

     If equipment and other items are to be moved from your laboratory, certain actions must be taken first in order to properly prepare for the move. Laboratories that are relocating from one campus building to another campus building (i.e., from the Institute for Human Performance (IHP) to Weiskotten Hall (WH) or from University Hospital to WH, etc.) must turn in all radioactive material prior to completing any of the following steps or have made other arrangements with the RSO.  RAM which you intend to use in your new lab should be specifically identified and distinguished from RAM that you are turning in as radwaste.  Arrangements will be made to transfer that material to your new laboratory once you have set it up and it has been inspected by the RSO.  Laboratories that are simply relocating to space within the same building will be allowed to transport their RAM to their new laboratory, after first notifying the RSO and receiving permission.  All radioactive waste (liquid and dry) will be turned into the waste room prior to any release being given by the RSO.  Because some of your equipment has been used to store and/or process RAM it will be necessary that we assure the movers, construction workers, and new occupants that the area is contamination free.  Laboratories given up for unrestricted use may require different release and clearance limit certification.

      At least one (1) week prior to the date of your scheduled decommissioning or vacation and after your last use of RAM and turn in of rad waste.

You will need to accomplish the following mandatory actions:

 1.    The outside surface of any piece of equipment used to store or process radioactive material that is to be moved from its present position must be wipe tested. This includes refrigerators, microfuges, laminar flow hoods, waste cans, bench tops and floors, shields, etc.

2.    All fume hoods used for work with radioactive materials must have all items removed and the inside and outside surfaces of the fume hoods wipe tested.

3.   Floor tiles located around and in front of equipment, fume hoods and work benches used to store or work with radioactive material must also be wipe tested.

4.  Any equipment not being moved to a new lab, which has the potential to have been used to store or process RAM; must be wipe tested inside and out (e.g., refrigerators, freezers, centrifuges, etc.).

5. All workbench counter surfaces as well as floor areas below refrigerators and freezers must be wiped tested after all equipment, protective pads or trays, and lab materials have been removed even though RAM may not have been used on them. The initial wiping of large areas using a single wipe is acceptable to minimize the number of wipes used.

     All wipe tests must be completed at least one (1) week prior to the move/closure date, unless cleared with the RSO to allow for any decontamination to be completed.  Use your monthly wipe test diagram sheets and add additional information as necessary to specifically identify tested equipment and locations. Use separate wipes for floor locations and inside and outside fume hood surfaces. Write in large letters across the top of the form "Laboratory Closure/Vacation".  For the quickest results bring the wipes to the RSO, do not send through campus mail.  After all wipes have been evaluated and have been found to be clean, you are required to remove all radiation stickers and signs from within the room and from the outside of the entrance door.

     If you are relocating within the Medical Center, let us know your new location in writing and provide a new room diagram of your use areas, as soon as possible, so that we can develop a new survey sheet for you.