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Upstate Pulmonary and Critical Care

Patient Care

The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care is comprised of 12 full time faculty members with specialty interests and board certification in Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. Because of its wide range of subspecialty interests, the division is able to offer a complete spectrum of care for patients with pulmonary, sleep and critical illnesses.

Our physicians treat patients with pulmonary disorders including but not limited to:

  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive lung disease (emphysema)
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • narcolepsy and other sleep disorders
  • pulmonary fibrosis
  • sarcoidosis
  • occupational asthma
  • emphysema
  • lung cancer
  • neuromuscular weakness causing breathing disorders

The division offers a full array of bronchoscopy services including

  • diagnostic bronchoscopy
  • transbronchial and endobronchial biopsies
  • balloon dilatation of tracheal and bronchial stenosis
  • endobronchial cryoresection
  • foreign body removal
  • endobronchial laser resection
  • endobronchial ultrasound guided transtracheal and transbronchial lymph node biopsies
  • endobronchial stent placement
  • bronchial thermoplasty
  • bronchoscopy electronic navigation
  • rigid bronchoscopy

Additional services include

  • polysomnography
  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • bronchoprovocation testing
  • plethysmography (sleep studies)
  • complex ventilator management
  • noninvasive ventilation
  • generalized care of the critically ill

The pulmonary function laboratory is state-of-the-art and provides specialty testing including

  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • spirometry
  • diffusion studies
  • bronchoprovocation testing
  • lung volume measurements by plethysmography for patients
  • flow volume loops
  • lung volume
  • diffusion capacity
  • methocholene challenge testing
  • HAST testing
  • cardiopulmonary exercise studies.

The pulmonary function laboratory welcomes direct referrals and can return results by FAX. In addition the pulmonary function lab offers high altitude simulation studies.

The division offers sleep studies including

  • polysomnography
  • CPAP/BIPAP titration
  • multiple sleep latency testing
  • maintenance wake fellness test.

Our sleep clinic sees a variety of disorders. These include

  • insomnia
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • restless leg syndrome
  • narcolepsy
  • other sleep disorders

Although all of these services are provided on an inpatient basis, when appropriate, many are delivered in the outpatient setting.

The Division welcomes referrals for consultation, management, and long-term follow-up for acute as well as chronic illness. Outpatient evaluation is available daily with appointment times conveniently arranged in the morning as well as afternoon. All patients are scheduled with individual staff physicians to insure personal attention and development of individual doctor patient relationships.

Perspective patients can call Upstate Connect at 464-8668 to schedule and appointment at one of our outpatient facilities. Hospital transfers to the Intensive Care Unit can be arranged through the University Hospital Transfer Center, 315-464-5449.