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The requirements the ACGME and ABIM placed on a fellowship in terms of patient care experience are significant.  At a minimum they must complete a three-year program with a minimum of 18 months of direct patient care.  In reality, the board requires 18 months of patient care experience in each discipline for a total of 24 months but gives double credit to 6 months of time where the 2 disciplines are closely interwoven.  Of these 18 months therefore, 9 months must be devoted to pulmonary, 9 months in critical care medicine, of which  6 months are devoted to the care of critically ill medical patients( MICU/CICU or equivalent); at least 3 months devoted to the care of critically ill non-medical patients (SICU, burn unit, transplant unit, neuro intensive care unit or equivalent). 

This experience should consist of at least one month of direct patient care activity with the remainder being fulfilled with either consultative activities or with direct care of such patients. OB ICU, NeuroICU and SICU will be mandatory. For neuroICU, fellows will have direct patient care responsibility.

Pulmonary Critical Care Rotations

Core Rotations( 2 week blocks)

UH/Crouse Pulmonary Consult Service
VA Pulmonary
Crouse ICU

Non-Core Rotations (2 week blocks)

PFT Lab/Sleep Clinic
Thoracic Surgery
Neurosurgical ICU
Surgical ICU
Echo Ultrasound
VA Sleep
Cardiovascular ICU