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Past Student Projects

Student One

During his time at the Onondaga County Health Department, this student performed a complete investigation of an outbreak of Echo 9 virus in the community. This student performed background research of the virus, an investigation of recent and current incidence at the local hospitals, was actively involved in staff meetings about the outbreak and was able to determine an outbreak curve. His investigation culminated in a thorough and well-written descriptive article.

Student Two

During her time at the Onondaga County Health Department, this student was involved with a case of tuberculosis (TB) in a hard-to-reach population. This student performed a thorough literature search of TB that included past outbreaks in Onondaga County and any recent reported outbreaks. She was involved with the our Infectious Disease staff meetings, research in local hospitals and followed the history of one particular patient. Her work culminated in a paper which outlined the pathophysiology of TB, problems associated with reportability of TB to the local health department and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and issues surrounding hard-to-reach populations.

Student Three

This student performed a direct observational assessment of bicycle helmet use in children who were bicycle riders in three local communities and performed an evaluation of three bicycle helmet distribution programs which were instituted in three local community clinics. She also performed a literature review on evaluation of current and past bicycle helmet programs, spent time researching and observing key aspects of the Onondaga County Health Department's bicycle helmet program, including set up, program evaluation, direct observation of teaching sessions to children, and direct observations of 'fitting sessions' for children. Finally, she observed other general activities of the health department, including maternal child health activities, clinical activities (STD and Family Planning sessions), and administrative staff meetings.

Student Four

This student participated in Healthy Start activities, including meetings and observing correctional obstetric care. She performed a literature search on correctional health care for obstetric patients nationwide, and summarized the results of this search in an article she wrote for this elective. She performed an observational analysis of pregnant inmates who received care of at the two County correctional facilities, collecting demographic information and delivery outcome data. She was also actively involved in senior staff meetings where other topical health department programs are discussed.