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Education in Public Health and Preventive Medicine

The department is dedicated to educating a wide variety of practitioners to have the values, commitment, knowledge, and technical skills necessary to improve health using population health philosophy.

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine is the interface between public health and medical practice. The department's goal with regard to medical student education is to enable students to learn the essentials of epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, population health, and public health, and the US health care system, in order to prepare them for the practice of medicine.

The Preventive Medicine component of the medical curriculum seeks to educate medical students and physicians on the importance of population factors (health determinants) as the chief predictor and influence on the health status of individuals. Through its preventive medicine program, the department will make available to students a broad array of subject areas including rural health, community medicine, public health, clinical outcomes, and health care quality improvement.

Public Health Masters Degree Program

The Upstate Public Health graduate degree program is a graduate professional degree designed to prepare students to manage public health problems as practitioners in the field. As practitioners, they will understand the importance of prevention as well as cure, integrating public health and clinical models that guide health and healthcare. This dual perspective provides them with a breadth of knowledge and understanding that prepares them for leadership roles in the healthcare system.