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Biostatistics and Epidemiology Core

Study Design

CRE faculty provide guidance to investigators about study design options, protocol development, and total research design implications of various options

Statistics CRE

CRE plans and conducts statistical analyses for clinical and translational research projects, writes statistics sections for grant applications and manuscripts, and helps investigators choose the most appropriate statistical analyses for their particular needs

Policy on Authorship

A frequently asked question is whether biostatistical consultants should be co-authors on scientific papers. We feel that decisions about authorship should be independent of payment for consulting.

As recommended in published guidelines (Parker RA, Berman NG: Criteria for authorship for statisticians in medical papers. Statistics in Medicine 17: 2289-2299 [1998], "The basis of financial support should be the time/effort spent on a project and the basis for authorship should be whether the statistician has made a scientific contribution to the project."

It is important for the researcher and statistician working on the project to agree on criteria for authorship early in their collaboration.

Policy on Grant Preparations

We will not charge an hourly rate for grant preporation if CRE faculty is written into the grant for at least 5% effort independent of funding cuts, otherwise the hourly rate will apply.

Grant preparation services include: power analysis, sample size, statistical plan and study design.

The following are not considered grant preparation and are billed at an hourly rate: data management and preliminary analysis/pilot projects.